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Advanced training in Ecopsychology: completed!

April 22 was the final day of a 13 week journey with a wonderful cohort of classmates, lead by inspiring and pioneering teachers Garret Barnwell, Linda Buzzell, Jeanine Canty, and Andy Fisher). Ecopsychology is an integrated, deep psychology approach that includes the social constructs, the individual, and the natural world. It's a broad study that includes listening to the Earth, witnessing place, and accompanying those in harms way (human and more-than-human). I'll receive a second certificate in Ecopsychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute's Pacifica Online.

Recently I was looking through old notebooks and found notes from a presentation about an animation (Falling Back to Earth) that I gave in Scotland, in 2000. I was reminded that I had pointed to ecopsychology as an influence, even back then. At that time it was a newly emerging field. I'm excited to be digging deeper, in the class and in my studio.

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