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"River's Edge" (2019)

Water, Wood, Stone observed at the dynamic edge where land emerges from the weight and movement of water, the surface drying.​ This is the James River, photographed at the VCU Rice Center.

Photography, animation, and AR app.

To see a moving version use the

ARTIVIVE app for Android and iOS

iPhone app:

Artivive by Artivive GmbH

"Between Frames" (2005) documents one small patch of the artist's garden, from two camera angles over a period of nine months. Using 35 mm slides (this was shot in 2001) the selected images were scanned into the computer and sequenced.  While it depicts change over time, "Between Frames" is not a time-lapse piece but rather a window into events that play out in the disturbed natural space.

Sound score is by Rattlemouth.

"Falling Back to Earth: Tomatillo" (2000) is an allegorical journey of two tomatillos, inspired by these same fruits in her garden. The title reflects Galileo's definition of a parabola, being the path of a projectile, under uniform gravity, arching its way back to earth. 

Soundscore is by Bob Rupe.