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Adam K. Beckett manuscript submitted!

Updated: Feb 10, 2020

After many years (15 to be exact) of asking questions, pouring over sketchbooks, documenting drawings and careful, meticulous examination of Adam's films, the book is finished and in the hands of the publisher!

Adam's work, and then his life story, snagged me and took me on a journey to find out how he created the work he did and how his art reflected his navigation of the changing world around him. Born in 1950, he was a teenager during an exciting and turbulent time: and he had a front row seat.

The upcoming monograph on his life and work will be an eBook, printable on demand, published by CRC Press. The projected release date is mid-May of 2019.

Many people have contributed to the research, offering insight, factual information, photographs, and encouragement. Getting to know a number of Adam's friends, and his family, has been an unforeseen outcome and one that I am grateful for! I wish he could have continued on with them.

Below are images at the beginning of the project as I, assisted by Larry Cuba, look through materials that Adam left behind. Thank you to the family of Adam Beckett, with special thanks to Evan Gallas, for access to Adam's art and ephemera. It was critical in piecing together the story of his life and work.

Me, 15 years ago, looking at one of Adam's many prints.
One of Adam's film cans with filters, labeled "Beckett" and "filters".

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